Your Cycle and The Seasons

  • June 10, 2018
    12:00 pm - 4:00 pm

As women we don’t just have one Summer, we have 12 of them.
And we have 12 Winters, Springs and Autumns.
We experience the four seasons every month during our cycle – each one bringing its own energy and tendencies to nurture, to create, to sit still or to explore.

But how can we tune into this?
And how do we tell if an irrational impatience at something trivial is really us, or our hormones completely out of whack?
Are there foods that can help in all of this?


A unique collaboration facilitated by Mayella Almazan-Arreola, founder of Yo Soy Gaia and Dearbhla Reynolds, SheEO of The Cultured Clubthis day retreat will focus on the natural cycle of the female body.  How you can support your body, mind and spirit through meditiation, emotional self care, herbal tonics, essential oils and seasonal nutrition with living food to balance your hormones, reduce stress and anxiety, improve digestion, boost your liver function and reduce sweet cravings. 



* Start the day with a welcome living tonic and a grounding meditation. Learn about specific herbs to form part of your own supportive kit.

* Talk – an introduction to self care and emotional well-being techniques throughout your cycle understanding how to harness your natural hormonal fluctuations.  

* Talk + Lunch – Explore the benefits of living foods to help balance blood sugars, help detoxify the liver and improve gut health. Lunch will be made up of foods that will benefit your body as we learn how to balance the hormonal fluctuations of our cycle.  

* Finish the day with a warming adaptogenic drink and a meditation that will assist you in integrating all you received into your body, so you can keep it as you go home on the days and months to come.



  • Women who want to understand their menstruation cycles better and become in tune with the health and hormone imbalances that go along with it.






Dearbhla Reynolds is an expert in the art of making fermented and cultured foods and is at the forefront of its current revival. It was a natural evolution for Dearbhla to step into the role of a fermentation revivalist: she is a cross between an old-school pharmacist (her father’s job) and a home economics teacher (her mother’s job).






has been living in the UK and Ireland for over 15 years and has a phD in Neurolinguistics and Psycholinguistics from the University of Essex. She is one of the few registered Hellinger Sciencia facilitators and systemic coaches in the British Isles to facilitate Ancestral Healing sessions. She is a member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research and hosts workshops within the Womb Blessing Community.

She believes that Mother Nature and our inner wisdom provide us with everything we need for our health and wellbeing at every level.


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