Window Farming Workshop

  • Workshop
    November 21, 2015
    12:00 pm - 2:30 pm

‘Growing Your Own’ in small urban dwellings can be challenging – window boxes crowding the windowsill, compost walked into the carpet, the guilt of parched pot plants etc.

Window farms are a self watering, vertical growing system designed to get the most out of limited living space and light. In the window farm, edible plants are grown by hydroponics (water and nutrients) in an upright rig made from plastic bottles which hang in a window. This system uses less space and less water than conventional growing methods, with the help of a tiny air pump and timer.

In this short workshop Emily will guide you through the making of a window farm from start to finish, including where to source materials and ongoing general maintenance. The group will work together to assemble one small window farm.

All materials provided. No experience necessary.

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Emily Robyn Archer is an artist passionate about the natural world and sustainability. She built her first alternative growing system as part of ‘Dream Farm’, an art installation in Granby Park 2013. Since then Emily has been using the open source designs from – an online community of window farmers – to bring creative growing solutions to schools, engaging students and teachers alike. She now runs her own venture, Cre8 Sustainability, a creative agency for environmental education.

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