Urban composting

  • Offsite Workshop on Urban Composting with Tony Lowth
    September 25, 2016
    1:30 pm - 3:00 pm

The ground’s generosity takes in our compost and grows beauty! Try to be more like the ground. [Rumi]

A composting talk for individuals and communities by Tony Lowth, onsite at NCAD Community Garden.

Composting is an essential means of returning vital nutrients to our soil, and ensuring healthy growth of plant life and vegetables. Good compost gives better yields, healthier plants, more luscious growth and lengthens the life potential of the soil.

It is the most natural and easy way of disposing of everyday food waste and other organic matter. Yet we pay waste disposal companies to take away our brown bins every week. They know the value that is in compost and you should too. Why should we pay for someone to take away a valuable resource when we can so easily harness it ourselves?

Tony Lowth has been farming compost at the NCAD Community Garden site for nearly 2 years (and for 20 years before that in Drumcondra). Every week he collects local horse manure from Meath st, coffee grinds and food waste from five local cafes, washed up seaweed from Dollymount strand and tree and leaf clippings from a friendly tree surgeon. He has built up over 400 tonnes of compost at the garden.

Come and join us for an hour on Sunday afternoon and see first hand how composting can be done at a large scale community level, even in the city centre. And of course learn how to do this simple soil building technique at home in your own homes.

The NCAD garden is an entirely volunteer run project that has transformed a concrete derelict space into a lush urban farm and composting site. www.ourfarm.ie

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This is a free event, but if you feel like contributing towards the Autumn Series a donation of €2-5 (or whatever you feel) would be much appreciated. Donations help ensure that this and other Autumn Series events are free.

Places are limited, so make sure you register for your free ticket.

Entrance to the Community Garden is on Oliver Bond St, parallel to Thomas St. The large silver gates will be open, just walk up the hill through the buddleia.

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