Secrets to a Successful Business with Ari Weinzweig

  • October 10, 2019
    9:00 am - 4:00 pm
Secrets to a Successful Business with Ari Weinzweig
‘Having a vision and achieving it through the 12 natural laws of business’
Businesses that operate with meaningful missions, visions and values are more successful than businesses that don’t. No great news there. But building, implementing and maintaining those core values can be far more difficult than creating the business itself.
Ari Weinzweig is the co-founder and CEO of Zingermans Community of Buisinesses in Ann Arbor Michigan, a self confessed ‘lapsed anarchist’ and author of a series of books around ethical business and leadership skills. He firmly believes that the number one key to success is to have an inspiring and strategically sound vision and that our measures of success should not only revolve around the bottom line figures. Zingermans is a community of 10 businesses with over 700 employees that consistently after 35 years remains in the national and international press for its focus on good food, customer service and radical business practices. Starting out in 1982 with just two employees they now have over 190 employee owners through their shared equity business model.
Ari runs his businesses with what he calls the 12 Natural Laws of Business and he believes that operating in violation of these principles is creating an ‘energy crisis’ in the workplace. A crisis evidenced by apathy, disengagement, distrust and a lack of creativity that is having a hugely negative impact on the quality of life of both employers and employees and the businesses themselves. However, any organisation can fix an energy crisis without having to lay out big expenditures, they just need to live in synch with those 12 Natural Laws.
This days training course with Ari at The Fumbally Stables will provide you with a recipe for writing or evolving your own vision and present you with the tools to bring it to life – the 12 Natural Laws of Business. The day will be made up of a series of talks, break out groups and hands-on exercises and includes teas and coffees from The Fumbally.
The course is as well suited to anyone in the Food and Hospitality sectors as it is to those in other sectors of business who simply feel that there is more to successful business than the bottom line.
This is Ari’s first time teaching this course in Ireland.
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