Of Skin + Bone

  • Workshop with Angus Denoon on cooking with leftovers
    October 30, 2016
    1:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Where the memory lives, the essence lie and the real power reside. The Bits that cost the least but give the most.

An interactive, all tasting, all talking afternoon exploring the potential of the Bits we discard and disregard. Opening the mind to all options that complete the natural cycle.


From Bone Broths, to meat marrows to savory Jellies, fish head curries to loBster BisQues, high end sauces to rustic soups. pickled skins to crisp skins, fresh chutni’s to Zests and their oils.

……Making the most of not so much.

This workshop takes place in the Stables Kitchen, and places are limited.




Angus Denoon is a long time chef who over seven years filmed, wrote, ate and immersed himself in the street food of Kolkata – one of the worlds greatest cooking situations. And for seven years he has sold snacks from the streets of kolkata in the streets of the UK and Europe – hawking street corner to fetivals, elaborate weddings and everything in between.

Angus has hosted events in the Stables before, including the Kolkata Street Food Experience, Kolkata Recipe Tasting and he’s stayed on a book-writing residency with us in November 2015.

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