Introduction to Fermentation

  • Introduction to Fermentation with April Danann
    October 11, 2016
    6:30 pm - 9:30 pm

Fermentation of food and drink is an ancient art and a necessary skill to maintain a healthy, balanced gut – turning ordinary vegetables, fruit and water, herbs or apples into a tasty treat or a healing tonic is the ultimate quest for the Food Alchemist.

This workshop by April Danann introduces several methods of wild yeast fermentation to increase the nutritional content and bioavailability of nutrients in food, as well as making it great to taste. The session will include information on sourdough bread, fermented drinks, vinegars and fermenting vegetables.

All participants will get to take home a sourdough starter with them and there will be other fermented products available for sale on the day.

The numbers in this workshop are limited.

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About April Danann

April Danann is from West Cork where she runs a fermented foods business called Rebel Foods. She is a clinical nutritionist and fermented foods expert who works exclusively with wild yeasts.

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