Intro to city beekeeping, with honey tasting

  • October 28, 2015
    7:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Can you make honey in Dublin city? Gearoid Carvill and Kieran Harnett will show you how they got started as part of an introduction to beekeeping in the city.


This talk, which will include a honey tasting with Irish and international honeys, is aimed at someone who has yet to begin their journey into bee keeping.


Topics covered to include the basics of beekeeping: from the reasons for keeping bees; to recognising the honey bee; bee types; the life cycle of a honey bee; understanding and recognising the basic parts of a hive, where to get your bees and equipment; honey and beeswax harvesting; where to keep your honeybees; flowers for bees and how to keeping your bees healthy.

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Inspired by nature, craft and tradition the Dublin Honey Project aims to produce raw honey from each of the postcodes of the city. Founders, architect Gearóid Carvill and photographer Kieran Harnett, are united by shared beliefs in the importance of food provenance and supporting biodiversity in local food production.

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