How to buy fish

  • A talk with Anja Murray, Martyn Simpson and Karin Dubsky
    October 5, 2016
    6:30 pm - 8:00 pm

Seems like a stupid title, right?

How many of us know which fish we should be buying  when, or understand the shop fish source code label? This event dips into many ‘fishy matters’ to understand the inshore fisherman’s, buyers, scientists,  and environmental group point of view. It  explores: should we eat fish and what to buy -which mussels, crab claws or whole crab? Why are ~ 95% of our lobsters exported and  is there stock protection and management ? The core point is: what is sustainable and can you contribute to making it fishing sustainable?

With meat we can easily determine its origin and therefore how it has been reared, but with fish it is not so clear cut. Fish caught in the ocean are wild, which makes us hunters of a depleting stock. Farming gives us more control but at what cost?
We all want that fish that’s straight off the boat, still wriggling as we slather it in oil and herbs and lash it on the bbq. But unless you are lucky enough to be buying directly from the fisherman on the pier, this just simply can’t be the case.

This talk will teach you about which questions you should be asking your fishmonger, in order to get the best possible quality and freshness, and also about which fish you should be choosing in the first place, to be a wise and considerate consumer.
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We’re delighted that the guys from are sponsoring this talk. Come along on the night and you’ll be in with a chance to take home one of their lovely sustainably sourced t-shirts.


Anja is an ecologist, presenter of ‘Eco Eye‘ on RTE, and a passionate environmental activist.


Karin is a marine ecologist working in Trinity College Dublin, and is the coordinator and co-founder of Coastwatch Europe.


Martyn is a Waterford inshore pot fisherman with experience of other fisheries through his previous work on trawlers. He believes not only in sustainable fisheries but also in building upon the traditions and knowledge of the sea. He is also a musician and song writer with many marine and fishy themes.

GROWN are an ocean awareness company based in Dublin. An aim to act local, a vision to think global, they make t-shirts, and prints that highlight  environmental ocean issues.

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