Handstand Mobility Workshop

  • July 7, 2018
    2:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Handstand Mobility Workshop

With Frederik Beck and Sevesfeathers

The particularity of this workshop is its focus on the “mobility” aspect of the handstand: we will explore the intersection between handstands and stretching by taking a close look at how the shoulders, upper back and mid-back areas need to move together to find optimal alignment.
The workshop is structured around three key concepts: body tension, alignment and balancing, combined with various mobility-oriented drills. We will look at which structures are of particular importance for handstands, and how stretching them can help develop the handstand.
Following this, we will look at an efficient way to approach stretching, the “how” to make it work. The visuals of a stretch reveals little about the work that make it function. Understanding this key concept will give the attendees a very useful tool for further stretching explorations.
Throughout the workshop, you will be provided with a wide array of drills and exercises, tailor-made to your current level and needs, with a view to allowing you to deepen your understanding and mastery of this wonderful physical practice.


– Seve, AKA Sevesfeathers, is a Dublin-based image-maker from Belgium using handbalancing to provoke thoughts on various social and psychological topics as well as a sense of wonder through lines, acrobatics, balance and an introverted tone of poetic nature, in solo or collective performances across Ireland and abroad.
Seve trained with Emmet Louis from The Silver Leap Project (http://silverleapproject.io), with Yuri Marmerstein (http://www.yuri-mar.com), Mikael Kristiansen (www.mikaelbalancing.com) and AM Fitness (http://www.alwaysmove.com). Seve currently teaches Handstands and Flexibility in Dublin Circus Project (www.dublincircusproject.com) and Christchurch Fitness Centre (wwww.christchurchfitnesscentre.com).
You can follow her on www.instagram.com/sev.e

– Frederik Beck (www.theharmoniousbody.com):
Frederik is a tinkerer at heart. He has spent more than a decade exploring and experimenting in the realm of Physical Culture: gymnastics, stretching and lifting weights. He hails from Denmark where he received his Masters Degree in Medicine, which has given him an extensive background knowledge in anatomy and physiology to draw on. More recently he studied the art of Physical Alchemy under Dave. This apprenticeship-style learning allowed for an integration of previous theoretical and practical education. He currently resides in Dublin where runs classes and teach private sessions at AM Fitness in Terenure.

€75 per person with a 10% Early Bird Discount until June 30.
Spaces are limited.

Email sevesfeathers@gmail.com

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