Blend Your Own Bitters

  • Workshop
    October 10, 2015
    3:30 pm - 6:30 pm

A look at liquid Seasoning

Think bitters are just for bartenders? Well they’re not. In recent times we’ve seen bitters appearing more and more across a range of culinary avenues – added to unconventional drinks, drizzled on desserts and included in all sorts of dishes … not to mention the number of homemade bitters cropping up all around the place.

Learn how to make and use your own bitters in this hands-on workshop.

The session will begin with a brief background of bitters, some interactive experiments, and a tincture tasting, so you can learn how to make and use bitters in cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks and in cooking.

You will learn basic formulas, tools, and processes for making bitters from botanicals including orange peel, cardamom, gentian, cascara, wormwood, hibiscus and cocoa. We will craft a batch of versatile aromatic bitters as well as help you to craft your own unique blend of bitters to take home.

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All supplies and a recipe handout included. Class size is limited to 28 people.

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Off the Cuffe, a bitter solutions company, was set up by Jarrod Cuffe and Barry Gargan earlier this year to create bitters in Dublin City. One of our main focuses is to raise awareness and to seek out like minds throughout the public and bartending scene.

We aim to source all Irish ingredients and recreate ancient Irish recipes that have been long forgotten to the winds of time, that can claim to aid in digestion, increase clarity of the mind and build fortitude of the body (or just make a seriously tasty drink).

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