Bengali lunch to Dublin dinner

  • Workshop and Meal with Angus Denoon
    October 29, 2016
    12:00 pm - 8:00 pm

The rhythm of a rural Bengali lunch adapted to a Dublin dinner.

As always with Angus Denoon, it is about immersing yourself entirely into the food and the experience….. The unique format of this workshop will take you through an afternoon of learning how to prepare a Bengali Lunch, a traditionally long drawn out affair of  vibrant dishes, tastes and colours, to cooking and serving this meal to a room full of guests. Your guests! Each participant will be allowed to invite 2 of their friends to the dinner which will be cooked and served by the afternoons group and enjoyed by all.

The workshop

Angus will lead on everything from the washing to the chopping, cooking and serving taking the Bengali ways with Irish ingredients and making a feast to for the evening dinner.

The Dinner

Think: rice – dal – fish – subgee – chutni – pickle – salad – chapati – swee

45 people made up of the afternoon workshop group and their friends


About Angus Denoon

Angus Denoon is a long time chef who over seven years filmed, wrote, ate and immersed himself in the street food of Kolkata – one of the worlds greatest cooking situations. And for seven years he has sold snacks from the streets of Kolkata in the streets of the UK and Europe – hawking street corners to festivals, elaborate weddings and everything in between.

Angus has hosted events in the Stables before, including the Kolkata Street Food Experience, Kolkata Recipe Tasting and he’s stayed on a book-writing residency with us in November 2015.

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