Yoga & Meditation

Weekly Classes

We are not a yoga studio but the ‘studio’ room is the perfect space for quiet reflection and a good stretch, which is why we have regular yoga and meditation throughout the week.



with Eithne Kennedy
at 6pm – 7.30pm
€14 drop in or €72 for a six class pass, €100 for 10 class pass  

Eithne’s teaching style emphasises the importance of alignment and the breath while building strength and flexibility. She encourages you to find a balance between effort and ease, allowing you to find the space in your body that can take your practice a little deeper. Eithne teaches a dynamic flowing class and helps you connect with the teacher within; recognising the importance of honouring the self which in turn ripples outwards and honours all living things, acknowledging that we are all one.



with Kevin Twomey
at 6pm – 7.15pm
€14 drop in or €72 for a six class pass, €100 for 10 class pass 

He teaches a vinyasa flow class focused on functional awareness, the breathe and the body.  He has a childish curiosity towards the breath and the subtleties of the body.  Helping to attune yourself to the daily demands of city life and to use yoga as a simple way to navigate life’s little challenges. 

Contact Kevin for further information on this class.  


with Seve Feathers
at 7.30pm – 8.30pm
€20 drop in or €85 for a five class pass, discounts apply for 2 class booking

This course suits anyone who wants to:
– Be able to hold a handstand or develop their free-standing practice towards moving through shapes and contortion handstands,
– Find fun and unconventional ways to develop their upper body strength and keep fit and active,
– Work on joint mobility and reconnect with their body.
Whether you are an absolute beginner or can already free-stand, this course will provide you with a wide array of efficient exercises and progressions to take home to your own practice, with a view to assessing and troubleshooting recurrent issues in terms of technique and mobility restrictions as well as overcoming plateauing. You will avail of individual hands-on coaching to help you find “your” line.

Contact Seve for further information on this class.  


with Seve Feathers
at 8.30pm – 9.30pm
€20 drop in or €85 for a five class pass, discounts apply for 2 class booking

This carefully structured classes will take you through a wide array of postures and exercises taken, from various training methods used in various disciplines -active flexibility, ballistic and end range.                            To help you unlock and increase your range as well as gain strength and control in that range, leaving you feeling extensively flossed and stretched out, relaxed, rejuvenated and equipped with new tools to add to your
personal training.
We will cover hip flexors, hamstrings, front splits, middle split, pancake, shoulders, upper back and mid-back.
Time and levels allowing, we will look at how to use those drills in hand balancing and contortion.
In 5 weeks, you will not only make flexibility gains but also get to grips with different methods and approach to flexibility training. You will identify your needs as well as gain a better understanding and control to apply to
your own personal training goals.
Requisites: none.

Contact Seve for further information on this class.  


with Lou Horgan
10 – 11.30am
Book with Lou

In my 90 minute weekly classes I hope to remind students that the most effective and perceptive teacher in the room is their own body. I attune students towards awareness of the sensations associated with each asana or pranayama. I find this a more integrative method than staging a pose for students to copy. I like to think I can speak the language of sensation clearly, so classes become a simple, joyful and sensual exploration.




We love to host yoga brunches on Saturdays or Sundays when we have the chance. Starting in the morning with an hour and a half workshop,  they are followed by a wholesome feast prepared by one of our wonderful chefs.

Check out our workshops & events page to see when the next one is, or sign up to our newsletter and we’ll keep you posted.