Glorious: Yoga for Young Women ages 13 – 19

  • March 13, 2018
    5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

Glórious is an empowering workshop series of Yoga, mindfulness, and journaling for Young Women finding their voice. It is a guided exploration in confidence, creativity, and identity connecting us to our inner teacher and our inner power. For ages 13 -19.

We create awareness, strength, space and power in the body as we move together through a flowing Yoga sequence. We learn the expansiveness of the breath, the balance of strength and ease, and the warmth of relaxation.

We use the practice of journaling and creative expression to become more aware of our unique inner voice, connecting us to our values and intentions, and creating an avenue for our creativity. We build trust within the group and facilitate group discussion and reflection on topics arising in our lives and reflecting on the work we are doing together.

We support and encourage the development of a home practice with guidance provided on a short and simple Yoga sequence and weekly exercises to continue the home practice of creative journaling and self reflection. During our time together we will work with themes such as values, trust, gratitude, connection, and presence.

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