The Stables is closely connected to the Fumbally Café, it is a natural extension of what we do.  It has become somewhere for us to develop ideas and learn and to pass this knowledge on to others.

The building was constructed sometime around 1750 and was originally a stables for the nearby breweries and distilleries in Blackpitts. Since then it has been a meat factory, a bakery, and most recently a photography studio. We have kept as many of the original features as possible and have tried to impose as little as we can, allowing the space to be created by the people and the events that happen.

The Loft at the Fumbally Stables

The Loft

Intimate film screenings, small workshops, meetings and presentations.

The Stables_0197

The Kitchen

Where we play around with ideas , come up with new dishes, experiment and fail, try again and succeed. It is a support kitchen for the cafe mostly – we use it daily for baking, prep work, fermentation and juicing but it is also used for events, workshops and sometimes dinners. The workshops are always […]

studio empty

The Studio

Without limiting itself to being any one particular ‘studio’,  this room is open to a number of uses…  

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The Long Room

Food / coffee projects, discussions, talks, trainings, or anything creative we don’t know about yet! We’re more open to things we haven’t thought of before than things we have. The tables were hand crafted by Barry Rogerson and Sam Gleeson from a windfelled Wexford oak.